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MI Change Solutions

MI Change Solutions is a Collective and Personalized Strategic HR Solution that provides value-driven alignment techniques and skills through times of change, uncertainty and new growth directions. An innovative, world-class service integrating highly qualified and professionally diverse experts to build a personalized and high impact solution to your challenges.

MI Project Hub

MI Project Hub welcomes all projects that have a close link to people, values and sustainability. We will soon open up the space for all Change Makers that wish to upload their own projects in this collaborative community and will share the rules of the platform.

Current projects

Change maker camp - Evoluzion, Chile

The experience of Change Maker Camp - Elqui Valley 2015 had as objective to encourage local innovation, to build networks and to envision sustainable projects. We connected with the local community and NGO Terra y Valle and all the challenges we had to face to be immersed in this beautiful community.

This experience was developed by Social Innovacion School (Santiago/Antofagasta) together with our partners Evoluzion. It was a week of exploration, reflection, co-creation, prototyping of solutions and an opportunity to develop a hub that wants to create value in society. Looking forward to having more experiences like that!

Democratization of science, Brazil

Together with a team of highly qualified engineers from Rio de Janeiro, we are trying to develop DIY Sustainable Solutions for communities.

This project is not only educational, by sharing knowledge about local materials, renewable energy and engineering with communities, but also opens a window of opportunities for the creative minds.

The first product is solar device that desalinizes the salty water from the wells of Juá. We are currently at the prototyping phase.

Contact us at to get to know the project or contribute to this venture.

The Life Cap, Perú/Spain

Project promoted by Mauricio Córdova, founder of Makerboat

Over 1 billion of people have no access to safe drinking water in the world and over 1.5 million people die every year from contaminated water sources, specially children in developing countries.

Imagine if you could get a portable tiny antibacterial water filter that could be screwed into any plastic bottle and that would allow you to safely drink any available water, from a stream, from a lake or from a water pond? Imagine what it would mean for a poor family in Africa, Asia or Latin America to be able to get this filter for just $1?

Imagine that its design is open and readily available, it’s crowdsourced and crowdfunded by thousands of people around the world. This is the goal of the project. We need scientists, designers and engineers to volunteer their skills and lab resources to design and test the first prototypes that we have available.

Contact us at to get to know the project or contribute to this venture.

Alta, Brazil

For us, Culture is a set of ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that are shared by an organization that provide a sense of identity, that make possible the sustainability and that give meaning to their employees.

To create a new organizational culture that allows to capture the potential synergies of mergers and acquisitions, Meaningful Institute works in the alignment of values, since these represent the structural elements of cultures. In other words, Meaningful Institute aligns values to generate value.

Contact us at to get to know the project or contribute to this venture.

Ongoing Projects

Juá Experience, Brazil


Juá experience is a 2-week tranformational journey in a unique and isolated collaborative community in the North-east of Brazil, where global change enthusiasts (dis)connect to grow personally and professionally by exchanging new tools, cultures and perspectives.

To know more about Juá Experience, visit our website by clicking on the link below.

Debates Educativos, Brazil

Debates Educativos is a collaborative project between our local partner NGO, IOPontes, and IESC (Instituto Educação Superior do Ceará, located in Sobral, North-East of Brazil).

This collaboration project consists of an 8-month course designed for local Brazilian educators to discuss several topics related to social impact projects, pedagogy and alternative education. Once a month, students explore the facilities and methodology at IOPontes to discover, learn and share. The purpose of the course is for future educators to experiment with new ideas and implement them into their own environments to build sustainable communities

Margalef Weekend, Spain

Margalef Weekend is a 2-day Catalonian discovery around the theme of Collaboration. An international group of participants will explore the local fauna, flora and culture while experimenting with new tools and perspectives, and participating in bold discussions with field experts.

Local specialists and invited experts in the field of Collaboration, will lead the group through various activities that expand the mind, soul and body.

Some activities: rock climbing (optional), hiking, olive oil tasting, and more.

Our experts include a social psychologist/social entrepreneur, an Economics professor with an interest in sociology, literature & cinema and a life coach with a background in IT start-ups.

If you are interested in participating in the weekend, please contact us through the “About you” contact form or send an email directly at

Members & Collaborators


Dr. Roberto Curi Hallal


Dr. Roberto Curi Hallal is specialized in Psychoanalysis. He is the director of Oziris Pontes Institution, Professor Emeritus of University Santiago de Cuba, Argentina, and Brazil, and a permanent member of several associations. He implemented many social projects in many countries in Latin America. He published essays and articles related to humanities and he continuously develops his Theory of Caring.

About Us

Hatched as a consulting solution to address financial sustainability for a partner NGO, Meaningful Institute is a platform that liberates individuals to ultimately create a better society. It does so by designing individual experiences, revitalizing global communities, and humanizing company management.

In the summer of 2013, a team of four ESADE MBA students ventured out to an isolated area in the Northeast of Brazil to provide an in-depth analysis of a local NGO, IOPontes, in terms of leadership succession and sustainability. Impressed by their findings, they created a framework around the visionary work of Dr. Roberto Curi Hallal. His Theory of Caring, a participative theory, has been the successfully applied backbone for community development, identity recapture, and cultural revival. The Theory is based on emphasizing core values, such as Care, Respect, and Curiosity, as a starting point while connecting principles in philosophy, psychology, art, biology, psychoanalysis, pedagogy, among other academic fields.

Within months, the Theory’s core principles combined with business methodologies, such as Human-Centered Design, and market trends related to company recruitment, leadership development and generational needs led to the design of Meaningful Institute. Its core mission is to help individuals become the protagonists of their own life through self-realization and unshackling invisible chains. Meaningful Institute unlocks this potential through continuously designing global experiences that connect diverse individuals, challenge them and actively engage them in global environments, to ultimately facilitate personal and collective growth.

Finally Meaningful Institute aims to expand its R&D in the areas of applied psychoanalysis, coaching and community development, hereby generating tools and methodologies to facilitate leadership development programs at companies and community revitalization for government institutions.

In sum, Meaningful Institute works on various levels of society, while it boldly and ambitiously aims to better the world through a simple 3-step process: Connect. Engage. Inspire.

Interested in collaborating on this project? Feeling inspired to join our mission? Want to share your thoughts? Send us an email at